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Are you looking for combined heavy duty bearings in steel or Vulkollan version? Are you looking for combined guide bearings with full cylindrical roller bearings? We have the right and most innovative solution for you.
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    The Alfatec Tiger bearings: The innovative development of the well-known combined bearing

    Combined bearings are suitable for accepting very large loads.
    The Tiger bearing series from ALFATEC is an innovative further development of the known combined bearing. “Tiger Power” gives credit to its name. This guide bearing with its radial and axial bearing impresses with its longevity, can be relubricated to extend the service life and is ideal for high loads of 50 to 10,000 kg.

    The advantages of our combined bearing

    Combined bearings in various versions for individual requirements

    ALFATEC offers different versions of the combined bearings, suitable profiles and mounting options – for you at a glance:
    Are you interested in our combined bearings?
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    Overview of our combined bearings

    Speed, material adjustable according to the load capacity (kN) – fixed, adjustable, backlash-free, radial or axial, the combined bearing offers various characteristics. Additional custom-fit profiles and mountings complete the range of products.

    Combined bearing, combined, fixed

    Our top seller at ALFATEC has proven itself as a standard bearing with its fixed design. This design TR—.0200 with radial and axial guide is combined fixed. Available in various sizes depending on the load.

    Combined bearing adjustable

    This design TR—.0300 with radial and axial guide is combined adjustable. Spacer rings are used to adjust the axial clearance. This Tiger bearing is available in a wide variety of sizes depending on the load capacity.

    Radial combined bearing

    The ALFATEC Tiger bearing TR—.0400 with radial bearing is used mainly for applications in which no axial guide is required. This Tiger bearing is available in a wide variety of sizes depending on the load capacity.


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